Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Enabled or Disable Screen Saver in Windows 8

 Enabled or Disable Screen Saver in Windows 8

Steps to Enable or Disable Screen Saver in Windows 8
1: Move to the right-bottom and click on the Search box.
2: After opening the search box, you can type the gpedit.msc in the application tab and click on gpedit.msc.
3: After clicking on the gpedit.msc a new window will be opened as shown below.
4: In User Configuration choose subcategory Administrative Template and choose Control Panel and then click on Personalized. In the Personalization category, click on Enable Screen Server.
User Configuration<< Administrative Templates<< Control Panel<< Personalization
5: In this step right-click on Enable Screen Saver and click on Edit.
6: In this, you can choose the Disabled Button option and then click on Apply or Ok Button. The Screen Saver is Disabled. You will not be able to make any change of the Screen Saver.
7: Disabled Screen Saver Settings look like as given below.
8 : To Enable the Screen Saver, follow the preceding up to Step 6 and click on the Enabled or Not Configured Button and then click on the apply or ok Button. After enabling you can make any change in the Screen Saver Settings.
9: The enabled Screen Saver looks like as given below.

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