Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to disable Checking for Solutions in Action Center in Windows 8

 Disable Checking for Solutions in Action Center in Windows 8

The frequently “checking for solutions” notification is typically more annoying than helpful.
Disabling the Windows 8 Action Center with prevent these notifications from occurring.
Disable Specific Action Center Notifications
Canned Statement: Let me go ahead and disable checking for solutions in action center on your computer.
1. Click on the white flag icon in the status notification area.

2. Select Open Action Center. You can also get here by searching for Action Center from the classic Control Panel.

3. When the Action Center opens select Change Action Center settings.

4. Select the messages that you would like to be disabled.

You can uncheck all of them to completely disable the notifications. On some systems, you may not be able to disable every single notification.
Press the OK button when you are done.
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