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How to active Menu Bar in Windows 8

How to active Menu Bar in Windows 8

Canned Statement: Let me go ahead download and install a 3rd party fixit to get the windows start menu bar in windows 8.
Download the install file and run it
You should see the Classic Shell setup screen as shown below:
Once you have finished the install, you will see a new Start button-like button at the bottom left. The classic Start Menu is back.
Canned Statement: Let me inform you that installation a 3rd party fixit to get the windows start menu bar in windows 8 is in process. Note that this is just one of several modules that bring back various features to different parts of Windows.
In addition to the Classic Start Menu, the program also has options for Classic Explorer and Internet Explorer 9 and 10.
First, click on your new Start button and go to ProgramsClassic Shell and then Start Menu SettingsCanned Statement: Let me inform you that configuring windows start menu bar in windows 8 is in process.
Here you can configure how the Start Menu in Windows 8 will work. For example, you can configure how you want the Classic Start Menu to appear vs the normal Windows Start Menu (Metro UI). And like in previous versions of Windows, you can configure the Start Menu to show the Control Panel, Recent Documents, show the Log Off button, etc. Clicking on the Skin tab will let you choose from several nice looking themes for your new start menu.
Start Menu settings go from two tabs to over 10! For example, you can click All Settings and then click on Start Button and add your own custom Start Button image if you like. Classic Shell adds a couple of things to Explorer also:
As you can see it adds a few buttons like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.
You can also navigate up the folder hierarchy by pressing the up arrow button instead of having to use the breadcrumbs feature. It also replaces the confusing file/folder conflict dialog that pops up in Windows Vista and 7 with the simple Windows XP one:
It has a few IE 9 and 10 options like showing the caption and icon in the title bar. Here’s an example with the caption in the title, the progress bar at the bottom and the zone in the status bar. Of course, if all you care about is the Start Button, you can turn off all the other stuff in the settings.

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