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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free up Hard Disk Space in Windows 8

Free up Hard Disk Space in Windows 8

Disk Cleanup
Disk cleanup will reduce the number of unnecessary files on your computer to free up disk space and help your computer run faster. Disk Cleanup allows you to remove temporary files, empty the recycle bin and remove a large variety of system files and logs. Therefore, running this utility from time to time is advisable for your computer.
Canned Statement: Let me go ahead and run disk cleanup to free up disk space in the computer.
Start Disk cleanup utility.
o Press Window + R, type cleanmgr in the Run dialog box and press Enter.
o Or search cleanmgr in the Metro Apps serch window.

For a few seconds or minutes, depending on the size of your drive and its contents, the utility will compute the amount of space that Disk Cleanup will be able to safely free up. An image like the one below will appear during this process.

When done analyzing, Disk Cleanup shows the total amount of space that can be cleaned. Scroll to the 'Files to delete' list to see different categories of files that can be deleted, like 'Downloaded Program
Files', 'Recycle bin', 'System error' files, 'Temporary files' and others. For example, in the image below we can free upto 8.71GB of files on drive 'C:', of which 8.05GB are 'Temporary files'.

Select one of the categories to see its description. For some of the categories, Disk Cleanup allows you to see the files that can be deleted. Click the 'View files' button if it appears.

Decide if you want to delete the files from one or more categories by selecting the appropriate check boxes. Press OK when you have finished.
A confirmation box like the one below will appear. Press 'Delete files'.

You will see the progress of the Disk Cleanup on a window similar to the one below.

After the cleanup, the program will close itself. To run the process for another drive, start it again, select the drive and run the process again.

Extra Cleaning Options
Canned Statement: Let me go ahead and run extra disk cleanup options to free up more disk space.
Apart from files, Disk Cleanup can free more disk space by allowing you to remove programs that you don't use and all but the most recent restore point. To do all these, click on the 'More Options' tab. NOTE: You must be logged in as Administrator to see this tab.

If you don't see the More Options tab, you will have the button 'Clean up system files' in the Description zone. You will have to enter the administrator password.
To remove unused programs, click on the 'Clean up...' button under 'Programs and Features'. This will open the Programs and Features Control Panel that allows you to see the list of all the programs installed on your computer and uninstall them.

Disk Cleanup allows you to remove all restore points except the most recent one. Under 'System Restore and Shadow Copies', click on the 'Clean up...' button.

A confirmation box for system restore points deletion will come up. Press the Delete button to remove the restore points.

Disk cleanup process will run, after the cleanup, the program will close itself.

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