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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Windows Picture Viewer

Just open properties of any gif image by right clicking on it. Under properties, click Change.
In ‘Open with’ window, open Other Programs and select Windows Photo Viewer as default program to open with.
Now accept the changes by clicking on OK 
Do this for any type of picture that you want to open in the Windows 7 photo viewer.
Also refer to the below mentioned link for further guidance 
*Change which programs Windows uses by default
If you still have trouble, there could be various reasons for which system is not able to display the picture file.
We need to check the policies and registry settings .
For a quick solution seek an expert's help from the following chat link.

If the issue is still not fixed, it can be a very critical problem with your computer affecting your personal data and the Windows Operating System. You will have to chat with our Experts or you can check with your local technician to get the problems fixed with very high priority.


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