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Friday, May 16, 2014

Configuration error when trying to use XBox 360 as Windows Media Center Extender.


This may be a certificate issue similar to what I have encountered with my extenders in the past.Configuration Error. An error was encountered while configuring your computer for use with this extender.Translation:
According to Microsoft, you may encounter this error message when you attempt to connect your Windows Extender device (such as a Microsoft Xbox 360) to a computer that runs Windows Vista Premium or Vista Ultimate. The Extender lets you extend Vista’s Media Center capabilities to a TV. The error message means that your PC has a corrupt Media Center Extender certificate or that Vista is not running the Network List Service

You can easily fix either of these problems. Microsoft suggests that you first remove the Media Center Extender certificate. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can restart the Network List Service.

Remove The Media Extender Certificate
You can start the process by opening the Microsoft Management Console. To do this, click the Start button and then enter MMC into the Start Search box. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard and then click Continue. (A password prompt window may appear. If it does, you’ll need to enter your Administrator password.) Next, click File, Add/Remove Snap-In. When the Add Or Remove Snap-In window appears, click Certificates (which appears in the Snap-In column). Next, click Add. Click the Computer Account radio button, click Next, then click the Local Computer button. Click Finish. Click OK to close the Add Or Remove Snap-In window.

Take a look at the Navigation Pane. Find Certificates under Console Root and then expand Certificates, Personal. Click Certificates and then right-click Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender Host. Select Delete.
Now that you’ve finished removing the certificate, uninstall the Media Center Extender device. When you reinstall it, your computer will have a new, healthy Media Center Extender certificate and should work properly. 

If it doesn’t, proceed to Restart The Network List Service.

Restart The Network List Service
To restart the Network List Service, start by opening the Services window. To do this, click the Start button and then enter SERVICES.MSC into the Start Search box. Next, press the ENTER key on your keyboard and then click Continue. (A password prompt window may appear. If it does, you’ll need to enter your Administrator password.)

Scroll to Network List Service. Make sure that Started appears in the Status column and that Automatic appears in the Startup Type column. If you changed any settings to match our description, click the OK button. Next, attempt to install the Media Center Extender device. You should be able to install the device without encountering an error message now. 

If the issue is still not fixed, it can be a very critical problem with your computer affecting your personal data and the Windows Operating System. You will have to chat with our Experts or you can check with your local technician to get the problems fixed with very high priority.

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