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Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Change Metro Apps Default Installation Location in Windows 8

How to Change Metro Apps Default Installation Location in Windows 8
One of the best and most impressive features of Windows 8 is the new Store and its apps. Microsoft has added Google Android and Apple style apps and store in Windows 8 which allows you to download lots of free and paid apps on your Windows 8 PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
But no one knows where are these apps installed in the computer? There is no information shown about the installation location when you are installing an app using Windows Store. If you manually browse the C: drive where Windows 8 is installed in your computer, you can't see any folder containing these apps files.

Default Installation Location of Metro Apps in Windows 8

By default Windows 8 stores all apps in a folder "WindowsApps" present in "Program Files" folder. To access this folder follow these simple steps:
1.      Open My Computer and go to C: drive. Now double-click on "Program Files" folder.

2.      This folder contains "WindowsApps" folder but you'll not be able to see it because its a hidden folder.

3.      You'll need to enable the option to show hidden files and folders. You can enable the option by clicking on "View" menu in ribbon and enable "Hidden items" checkbox.

4.      Now you'll be able to see "WindowsApps" folder

5.      If you try to open this folder, you'll get following error message:
You don't currently have permission to access this folder. Click Continue to permanently get access to this folder.
And if you click on continue button, you'll get another error message:
You have been denied permission to access this folder. To gain access to this folder you will need to use the security tab.
It happens because you don't have sufficient permissions to open the folder.

6.      You'll need to take ownership of the folder. Just follow the steps given in following tutorial:

7.      Once you take ownership, you'll be able to view the content of "WindowsApps" folder. You'll find various folders containing all installed apps .So this is the folder which stores all built-in and 3rd party installed apps in Windows 8.

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