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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to change Default Web Browser in Windows 8

How to change Default Web Browser in Windows 8 

1. First, go ahead and install whichever browser you want to use instead of Internet Explorer. Then go to the Control Panel in Windows 8. Then go ahead and click on Default Programs.

Let me go ahead and change the default web browser for windows 8 operating system.
2. Then click on the Set your default programs link.

3. Next find the browser in the left-hand pane and then click the Set this program as default link.

4. That will set Chrome or whichever browser as the default for whatever file types and protocols are allowed. To see which files and protocols have been transferred, you can click on the Choose defaults for this program link.

As you can see, any HTM or HTML file will now open in Chrome. However, there are some things you currently can’t override IE as the default. If you click on Internet Explorer in the left-pane and then click on Choose defaults for this program, you’ll see the following items:

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