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Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Add an Email Accounts in Windows 8

 How to Add an Email Accounts in Windows 8

Canned Statement: Let me go ahead add and configure your E-mail account in windows 8.
The key is to remember that Metro-style apps utilize new standard, system-level features. And adding an account in the Mail app occurs through such a feature, in this case Settings. A setting is available from the Charms bar. Or you can simply type WINKEY + I to access it directly. The Settings interface for Mail, as you can see, includes just a handful of items.
And the top item, Accounts, is where you go to add a new account.
You can add three types of accounts: Hotmail (Windows Live, including MSN and custom domains), Google (Gmail), and Exchange (including Office 365). And yes, you can add multiple accounts of each type.
Once selected, enter the required information and click ‘Connect’ to connect to your email account.
If you are adding an IMAP/POP account to Windows Mail in Windows 8, you can either enter your e-mail/password or have the app try to find the right settings or you can view more details and specify server names/ports and SSL/TLS settings.
Note: that the Mail, People, and Calendar apps are connected. So when you add an account in Mail, it will be added to the other apps as well (and vice versa

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