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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Error 0XC0000260 an Unexpected Error Has Occurred In Windows 8

 Error 0XC0000260 an Unexpected Error Has Occurred In Windows 8

While trying to update the Windows 8 on your PC, you may receive the Windows 8 error 0xc0000260 similar to the following message:
Status: 0xc0000260 Info: An unexpected error has occurred.
This issue occurs because your computer’s processor (CPU) is incompatible with the Windows 8. To fix the error, you must make the processor support Physical Address Extension (PAE), try the following steps below:
Canned Statement: Let me go ahead and change the virtual box settings on your computer.
1. Open the Virtual Box, and select the Windows 8 Virtual Machine

2. Click the "Settings" tab, a new windows will pop up.

3. Click the "System", and click the "Processor".

4. On the Extended Features, select the "Enable PAE/NX", and then click OK.

5. Reboot the Windows 8 Virtual Machine.

6. Update the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on your PC again.

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